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Young Artists Impress

by Mrs Cromie

On Monday, the Matric class, self-dubbed the “Young Artists” had their final and most important exhibition. This body of work presented in the show was created around the theme “Intertwined and Interwoven”. This group of students, that started off as a group of 10 fresh faced Grade 10s, grew to a group of 17 self-confident artists. This group had the privilege to have many different exhibitions over the last three years, valuable experience which will greatly help those who wish to be artists in the future. Their most memorable show was their sculpture head exhibition in Grade 10. A body of work where each and every one of them produced a stunning sculpture, which is a rare gift. Not many artists find it easy to work in 3D form. Another was their Protest/ Uplifting show last year. In the thick of Covid-19, these artists produced meaningful works which either spoke about something difficult during this strange time, or created a work meant to uplift their community. They showed us that they were conceptual thinkers, they were brave enough to be open and honest in their work, and that they were willing to put in the time to perfect their skills.

Walking into their show this week, 17 unique bodies of work were presented. Each displaying the character and inner thinking of each student. All who saw their work were blown away. I, as their art teacher, am very proud. I can see this class going on to do great things. I hope they continue to create and that I may see one of their works in a gallery one day. Well done and good luck for your future. One of my quotes, “Dreams through art become reality”, means that through art, your dreams may be realised. This group embodies this quote for me, they create such poignant works. I see all their dreams coming true, if they only keep believing.

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