Our Vision

To optimise our uniqueness, and in so doing, develop balanced, globally astute individuals within the Stanford Lake College family.

Our Mission

Growing together for Life Together we will:

  • Have a Christian foundation delivering a progressive English medium education

  • Live the Stanford Lake College values in our co-educational, independent school

  • Develop learners as socially responsible and empowered citizens

  • Instil an awareness to protect our environment for future generations

  • Motivate learners to broaden their spiritual, academic, cultural, social and physical potential

  • Promote within our school the Round Square IDEALS of International understanding, Democracy , Environment, Adventure, Leadership and Service

Our Values

At the very heart of the College is our value system.  Unique to Stanford, written by Stanfordians for our close-knit, family-feel school.

SLC Values Arch 2019.png

I have integrity – I am honest and trustworthy

I have courage – I stretch myself beyond the ordinary

I have respect – I show it and I earn it

I value quality – I will ignite a passion for excellence

I have commitment – What I start I will finish: I am accountable

Tshanduko – I learn for life

Ubuntu – We are a family, celebrating the strength in our diversity