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Old Stanfordian Association

A Stanfordian for life

As you have embarked on your adventure of becoming an adult and joining the workforce and are no longer a pupil at Stanford Lake College, it does not mean you’re no longer part of the Stanford Family – you will always be associated with this very special College.

The Alumni Association is headed by a dedicated committee of past pupils whose main goal is to build a network of all old Stanfordians and to grow the Alumni Fund.

By building the Stanfordian network, it allows us to arrange reunions, sports days, and formal and informal events. It also helps you to connect with your old classmates and the greater Stanfordian Family.

Old Stanfordian Committee

Alumni Chair
Class of 2009

Fenwick House

Katie Forrest.jpeg

Katie Forrest

Katie is both an alumnus and an English teacher at Stanford. She has loved the opportunity to return to her old school and is proud to be part of an institution that had such an important impact on her life. Katie grew up in Haenertsburg and attended Rhodes University where she graduated with an MA in English. Her passion for education and working with young people arose from her experiences at Stanford.

Class of 2008

Loomis House

Warrick Dawson.jpeg

Warrick Dawson

After moving to the mountain with his family in 1998 when SLC was founded, Warrick was part of the SLC community growing up. He graduated from UP with a Bcom Honours in Informatics and currently runs his own software company in Johannesburg.

Class of 2013

Loomis House

Hayley Dawson.jpeg

Hayley Dawson

Hayley spent 16 years of her life at Stanford. Her experiences of living and growing up on the school property instilled within her a deep love for education. Hayley studied a BA in Visual Studies and has since become a teacher. She is currently the Head of Department for Design at Curro Aurora in Johannesburg. Despite living in Gauteng at the moment, she is sure her journey will lead her back to Stanford one day.

Byron Stroud.jpeg

Byron Stroud

Class of 2004

Orvis House 

After almost 20 years in the construction industry, Byron decided to make a change and move back to the Mountain. He had a desire to get more involved in a community that he cares about, and live in a place that aligned with his values from day one. His love for Limpopo and its wonderful people brought him back with the hopes of building a network based on old friendships and helping guide the younger generations wherever they might need it.

Class of 2013

Loomis House

Ingrid Vaughan.jpeg

Ingrid Vaughan

Ingrid studied a BSc in Agricultural Economics and Food Science at Stellenbosch University. She works as a Project Manager for new product launches at Tiger Brands. Ingrid currently lives in Johannesburg and is an avid runner and travel enthusiast.

Class of 2017

Loomis House

PHOTO-2024-05-01-18-13-09 (1).jpg

Anke Vaughan

Anke is a proud old Stanfordian who graduated in 2017. After her time at Stanford, she went on to pursue a BSc in Agricultural Economics at Stellenbosch University. Joining the ranks of AgrigateOne, an agricultural tech startup in Johannesburg, marked the beginning of her professional journey. Today, firmly established in the city, Anke finds fulfilment in activities like running, playing hockey, and exploring new destinations, all while relishing her role as a devoted dog aunt to her sister's GSP.
Reflecting on her time at Stanford, Anke says, "I think Stanford shaped a lot of who I am as an individual and think it’s really such a special environment to have grown up in."

Alumni Fund

The purpose of the Alumni Fund is to reach out to those less fortunate and afford them the same life-changing opportunity to experience the unique all-round education for which Stanford Lake College is renowned. This fund is financed by donations and monthly debit orders. If you would like to contribute to it, please contact us at


Fausto Di Palma

Class of 2005

I was only at SLC for two years: Grade 11 and 12. In this short time, I was taught and absorbed more about what it means to work hard, set yourself goals, be disciplined and have the grit and determination to excel in anything that you do, than in previous years at my former high school and even afterward at University. Without the fantastic teachers focusing on and helping me, the beautiful environment within which SLC is situated, and without the right attitude, I would not have succeeded or even been allowed to go to University. SLC is an incredible place, built and maintained by incredible and dedicated people, from teachers, parents and pupils to chefs and cleaners.

Lebohang Ramoshaba

Class of 2017

During my time at Stanford Lake College, I learned to always aim to achieve more. In Grade 8, I started out as a lost seed who hadn't settled in good grounds yet. I soon found a family in all my friends and teachers because the value of Ubuntu isn't just something that is said at SLC, it is something that is practiced. Stanford taught me the true meaning of determination, I remember being taught a quote while on Trek and it was these words that fueled my drive to dream and never stop moving until all my dreams become reality. Those trips showed me that I am capable of crossing the highest mountains in life. Those trips taught me to love nature and to see the beauty in every single detail. Stanford Lake College has given me the ability to keep striving for more.

Jarrod Zamporini

Head Boy 2006

Stanford’s holistic approach, encouraging problem-solving and teamwork, formed a solid foundation for me going forward in both my career and daily life. The values instilled at the school are a vital part of who I am today and I always look back fondly on my time spent at SLC and value the lifelong friendships forged on that misty mountain.

Georgina Smit

Head Girl 2000

Stanford Lake College was a unique high school experience that shaped me to value leadership, take initiative and be a pioneer. I have fond memories of the friendships, school adventures and teachers at Stanford. What stands out most is that each pupil was treated as an individual, whose talents and skills were valued

Xyxa Bothma (Stander)

Class of 2011

Going to Stanford was more than just getting an education to me, it was about becoming a part of a family. Before Stanford I was not a great academic nor did I really have a place, in fact, I was struggling to discover who I was as a person and where I was heading. After joining Stanford Lake College, I was embraced as a newcomer and made incredible friends. I also found that teachers took interest and offered endless support to help me find my direction. Stanford helped me discover who Xyza is and what I wanted out of life. It most definitely gave me the confidence I needed to achieve all of that and more.

Khensani de Klerk

Class of 2013

When I look back at my time at SLC, I always do so fondly. It remains one of the few points in my (admittedly still young) life that were critical in shaping my thinking, ambition and independence today. I had the opportunity to broaden my perspectives through the Round Square exchange programme, which catalysed an ongoing curiosity I have for places and the built environment. I am currently reading an MPhil in Architecture and Urban Design at The University of Cambridge (UK) which I believe is rooted in — amongst other critical moments — my time at Stanford. I owe my persistent inclination for accumulating knowledge and engaging in critical discourse to SLC, from my time spent in an inspiring debating team. The teachers who ignited my drive to hopefully one day inspire as they had, were all visibly committed to their passions which they not only taught but motivated. Lastly, Stanford reminds me of the beauty of life - its location embedded in the forested mountains of Magoebaskloof. Often sat in mist on Monday mornings, arriving at boarding school, there was a calling for a week of adventure.

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