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Developing independent thinkers and life-long learners

Stanford Lake College prides itself on developing independent thinkers who will have the cognitive skills to access life-long learning. In grades 8 and 9, the academic programme is delivered within the Round Square Discovery Framework where the focus is on teaching skills rather than content alone. The learners are exposed to a number of critical thinking programmes such as the De Bono Thinking Hats, the Thinking Maps and Growth Mindset which prioritises a Growth Mindset outlook on learning. We take great pride in developing young learners beyond the school curriculum.

Stanford Lake College prepares learners for the university entrance examinations of the Independent Examinations Board (IEB). This examination allows learners entry into local and international institutions of higher learning.


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Matric Pass Rate 2023



Of our 2023 candidates received University exemption


Our 2023 Top Achievers


In line with international trends, the IEB seeks to create life-long learners who can solve problems, analyse, synthesize, and apply and integrate what they have learnt. Within the context of independent schools, teacher forums (clusters) meet regularly to network and further develop their assessment skills to make the assessment of these outcomes possible. Stanford Lake College staff play a leading role in the northern region clusters. Several of our teachers are cluster leaders, regional portfolio moderators and regular markers. Rigorous moderation procedures and monitoring have ensured quality assessment. Benchmarking with the Scottish Qualifications authority (SQA) confirms that the IEB Senior Certificate Examination meets international standards.

We have chosen this examination because:

  • Our teachers have confidence in the combination of internal and external assessment;

  • We enjoy the close relationship we have with the IEB Board;

  • It confirms professionalism;

  • The standards are internationally benchmarked;

  • The system of user groups leads to strong personal and collegial development;

  • The type of questions stimulates co-operative and progressive learning.

The examinations are run to the highest professional standards in consultation with UMALUSI, the General and Further Training Quality Assurance body, together with top educationalists. Monitoring teams have reported that high standards are maintained during the marking process and there is a high degree of professionalism in the running of the IEB examinations.

Recent research has shown that only 1% of all Gr. 12’s nationwide are IEB students, that 15% of first year graduates at RSA universities were IEB students, that  25% of all recent RSA graduates were IEB students and that 97% of all past IEB students graduate. These are indeed impressive statistics.

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