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Leadership at Stanford Lake College

In order to create true leaders at Stanford Lake College, all pupils go through a programme which prepares them for a role of service within the school. Learners are exposed to Character Education from Grade 8 in their Cognitive Education classes, which then extends to Life Orientation in the senior grades. They not only receive explicit training but through the "dream an’ do" programme, the school's sport and cultural activities and our collaboration with Round Square, implicit development takes place. 


This leadership programme includes an introduction to Maslow and basic needs, unpacking service leadership in the context of the school, an exploration of ethical, moral and service leadership as well as mentorship. Students are educated on the process of nomination and selection; the interview process (selling your skills through evidence); and Headmaster’s expectations. and are encouraged to spend time on personal reflection of their strengths, weaknesses, and ways to improve on their weaknesses and service.

Pupil leadership forms a key component in the running of our school. The pupil leadership team acts as an integral link between staff and students. The team takes on their duties with optimism and commitment and is a beacon of excellence within our school community.

By completing an application form, all matric students have the opportunity to put themselves forward for the following committees;  Leadership Committee, Environmental Committee, Service Committee (Community Partnership), Adventure Committee (Dream an' Do and HPC), Boarding Committee, Culture Committee, Spirit Committee, Academic Committee, Round Square Committee and the Pastoral Care Committee.

It is expected that all leaders apply to fulfil a mentorship role, as mentoring is the cornerstone of our servant leadership. Matric mentors are assigned to each new Grade 8 student at the beginning of the year and are encouraged to build a bond with their mentees over the course of the year. Mentors are there to guide the young Stanfordians academically, socially and emotionally. From supporting their mentees from the side of the sports fields, to ensuring their wellbeing, to making sure they are confident with their studies, the matric mentors are a shoulder to lean on for all new pupils at Stanford Lake College.

Pupil Leadership Team 2024

The leaders for 2024 were elected by all pupils and staff and are as follows:


Heads and Deputies

Dylan Turner (Deputy Head Boy), Thato Moleya (Head Boy), Nanaki Kgopong (Head Girl), Jenny Zhang (Deputy Head Girl)


Heads of Boarding Houses 

From left to right: Travis Hudson (Founders North Boarding House), Finn Straughan (Founders South Boarding House), Vukosi Mbowane (Ken Shuter Boarding House), Rachel Netshikulwe (Lakeside Boarding House), Jenna Gardiner (Serala Boarding House), Ryno Schultz (Day Scholar Boys) and Isabella Alcock (Day Scholar Girls)

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