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Memorial Fountain Unveilied

The Memorial Fountain was officially unveiled on Friday, 13th October as part of the Valediction celebrations. The fountain was officially opened by our Chairperson, Jane Allison, and a dedication was delivered by Pastor Jonathan Meintjes.

COVID-19 had a devastating impact on our world. Lives were lost and lives were changed. In the face of global, national and regional adversity, our little school stood strong. This fountain marks the foresight of our financial planners, the wisdom of our leadership, the support of our parents and the fortitude of our pupils. A place of beauty and of fellowship has come out of those dark years and the fountain reminds us today and in the days that will follow when we are gone, that we not only survived, we flourished.

The old school bell was also reinstated close to the fountain and each pupil of the Matric Class of 2023 rang the bell as they made their way down to their Valediction and prize-giving ceremony.

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