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Young Artist's Exhibition

The latest works of art by our Grade 10 and 11 art pupils was recently displayed in an exhibition for pupils and parents to see. Have a read below to find out more about the project topics and see the galleries below the descriptions.


“The Grade 11s were given the topic ‘This Current Moment’. In this difficult and trying time for humanity, these young artists took on the momentous task of finding a personal way to represent their inner thoughts. They either expressed how they feel introspectively at this moment and their emotions or they portrayed how they see the world at this current moment, with everything that has been happening. They expressed their own individual perspectives through their art. The artists chose to represent this moment in history through, either protest art of how the world currently is through a truthful depiction, hopeful art of how the world could be through an optimistic depiction, or surrealist depictions of what they wish the world to be.” - Sifiso Magagula

“This is the last opportunity the Grade 11 Young Artist group has to exhibit their work until their final Matric Exhibition. I can see personal growth in each student as they each develop their own style and perfect their techniques. This group is incredibly strong, and I cannot wait to see their final Matric works at the end of next year.” - Miss Lourenço


“The Grade 10 students produced a Stop Motion video each, in which they designed their own characters and miniature film sets. Stop Motion is when an artist takes multiple photographs and strings them together digitally to create a video. They may be short but took hours of work! This has been a very busy term. I would like to commend my students for their incredible efforts this term. Well done, Young Artists!” - Miss Lourenço

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