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"We didn't start the fire"

The Grade 11s have been busy presenting prepared speeches to their English teachers via Zoom this week. Their task for this term was to research any one of the events mentioned in Billy Joel’s song “We Didn’t Start the Fire”.

The brief was to prepare an informative speech presuming their peers knew nothing about the event that they had chosen. The speeches were to last between two and a half and three minutes and their peers were given an opportunity to ask questions afterwards.

Lwazi Motumi's speech on Fidel Castro.

Speeches by Nadia Anver Kalla, Sagwati Khumalo, Munasha Machaka, Peter Pratt and Tshego Moshokwa.

Speeches by Heidi Katzke, Jemma Henning, Micaela Wight and Tshego Moshokwa.

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