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Team Balega ranked fourth in the country!

Heidi Katzke and Jarryd Gosling joined Team Balega for the 120km Adventure Race hosted by Kinetic Events in Swellendam last weekend. The adventure began early on, with the Breede River coming down in flood, causing a last minute change in race venue. The route was adjusted, the kayak leg was removed, flights were almost missed and pouring rain pounded the tents of pupils and parents alike. But spirits were not to be dampened and Team Balega began their race positively.

Stanford Lake College Alumni, Danica Altenroxel and Emma Melville, were also racing, joining Team Biltz and Brand. Balega finished 6th overall and are currently lying fourth on the log for AR World Series (Africa). Unfortunately, Blitz and Brand didn’t finish as they had two injuries and had to pull out.

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