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Stanford Day Celebrations

The pupils spent an afternoon at the lake celebrating “Stanford Day” on Wednesday 18th January. In more recent history, this day has been known as “Regatta Day”, but owing to the 25-year celebrations and in order to increase school spirit, we decided to rename it to Stanford Day. As the school was founded in 1998, the dress-up themes for each grade were 90s cartoons. We had the Matrics as the Teenage Ninja Turtles, Grade 11s as Scooby Doo, Grade 10s as The Simpsons, Grade 9s as Spongebob Squarepants, and the Grade 8s as The Flintstones. Each grade was scored according to their raft decorations, war cry, position in the raft race, and position in the tug of war. The Grade 12s came out victorious after placing 1st for their war cry, 2nd for their raft decorations, 2nd in the race, and winning the tug of war. A great afternoon was had by all.

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