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Regatta Day 2021

by Heidi Katzke (Head of Adventure Committee)

As the winter settled down, spring arrived, not only bringing warm sunny days and fresh blossoms, but a new chapter for us as Stanfordians. A chapter filled with opportunities to bounce back and work towards creating a once again normal schooling environment.

On Friday, 22 October, Stanford celebrated our first Regatta Day since 2019 due to COVID-19 and we were honoured to continue our long-standing tradition this year. Although Regatta Day took place on Friday, the planning and preparation from the students began long before. Designing their outfits, war cries and strategising for the raft race.

Filled with anticipation, we all gathered at the lake with voices ready to sing, arms set to paddle, and of course, smiles. Little did everyone know that the teachers were part of the race this year. We kicked off the day with our war cries and to our surprise, the youngsters grabbed the prize, knocking all their competitors out of the field with their overpowering voices and an undeniable spirit.

Next up were the decorations. With the equipment provided, each grade had to paint their flag and it was quite clear that some were not as artistically gifted as others, but that did not stop anyone. When the flags were completed and ready, we all hoisted them onto our decorated raft frames, and the judges decided to hand over the prize to the Grade 9s.

Lastly was what is considered the most important event of the day. Each team had to put forward their eight strongest men and four strongest women. We then participated in a relay rafting race against the other teams, around the blue beacon (which seemed as if it was drifting further away after every stroke). The school set us off with a very enthusiastic countdown ready to see us perform, every grade hoping that their participants would have what it takes to win the pizza. But in the end, the teachers came through and left us all in their waves!

We ended off the day with a prize-giving, and of course, everyone got something in the end.

Thanks to the Adventure Committee and all the students’ cooperation and enthusiasm, the day turned out to be a huge success. Filled with pictures and lasting memories, Regatta Day 2021 will not be forgotten.

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