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Clash of the Colours: Final Interhouse events for 2023

During October, we hosted an exciting Inter-house Netball event, featuring junior and senior teams from each house. The atmosphere was filled with enthusiasm as the girls took to the court and competed with fervour. In the junior and senior categories, every house secured at least one victory, highlighting the balanced competition. However, when the final scores were tallied, Fenwick House emerged as the overall winner of the day, displaying outstanding teamwork and sportsmanship.

That same afternoon, the boys took to the cricket pitch where Fenwick also came out victorious, followed by Loomis and then Orvis. On the astro, the hockey clashes were a thrilling spectacle, with an electric atmosphere enveloping the turf. The event showcased exceptional sportsmanship and competitive spirit among the participating houses. In the senior boys’ section, Loomis reigned supreme, securing victory in all of their matches and Orvis displayed their strength by defeating Fenwick. In the senior girls’ category, Fenwick was the dominant force, securing victory in all of their games. Loomis managed to beat Orvis in a closely contested match, adding to the excitement. Among the junior girls, Fenwick continued their impressive run, emerging victorious in all their games. Orvis managed to triumph over Loomis. In the junior boys’ category, Orvis claimed the top spot, winning all their games. Fenwick and Loomis fought to a draw, creating a thrilling competition. Overall, in the aggregate results, Fenwick emerged as the champions, with Orvis securing the second position and Loomis finishing third.

The following week, the teams clashed on the soccer fields. Orvis took the win, followed by Fenwick and then Loomis. The houses then fought it out in Adventure Racing. Due to mountain bike limitations, there were only two mountain bikes per team. As the race started, two members had to cycle to a checkpoint before heading to the first transition. The other two members had to run, via a different route, to the same transition. Here they swopped – the cyclists ran back and the runners cycled back! Back at school, the teams had to paddle to a buoy with a kayak, with one member sitting in the kayak and one on top. At the buoy, the two had to swop places and paddle back. Once the whole team completed this task they had to run around the climbing tower with all their water equipment, put it back in the storeroom and then run to the finish line. The first team in was Fenwick Senior 1 with Fenwick Senior 2 finishing a minute later, followed by Orvis Senior 1. Orvis were the overall winners of the day as they claimed many second places.

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