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Medals Galore at TriTech Nationals

On Thursday, 21 October 2021, six of Stanford Lake College’s teams competed in the Tritech National Round. A murder was committed, and the teams needed to follow up all clues in the murder scene using their scientific problem-solving techniques. This includes a description of notes, DNA extraction, ink chromatography, fingerprint studies, footprint analysis, identification of the mystery substance, a textile test, and a spatter analysis. The teams had great fun while they completed their forensic investigation. And Blondi was identified as the murderer at the end. Congratulations to our teams, “Beauty with Brains” and “The Conquerors”, who obtained above 90% for their tasks and received platinum medals. “The Science Genuises” and “Otis” managed to get gold medals, and “Oestrogen overload” and “Technitium” received silver.

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