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Matric Results: Class of 2022

There is little doubt that the matric class of 2022 bore the brunt of the Covid 19 pandemic and the subsequent fallout. The effect of disrupted schooling during their formative Grade 10 and 11 years cannot be underestimated and there is research to suggest that this year group could have been the hardest hit by the pandemic in relation to academic performance. Not only did they face disruptions to their academic programme but their social and emotional lives were also thrown into turmoil. This group of Stanfordians has displayed enormous resilience, agility and determination in earning a set of Matric results that are remarkable. I pay tribute to the incredibly committed staff who have worked tirelessly to ensure that our pupils were equipped to tackle their matric exams confident that they had been well prepared. The hard work and dedication under extremely trying circumstances is hugely appreciated.

I am very proud to announce that 92% of our pupils achieved a Bachelor Degree pass, enabling them to pursue further study at tertiary institutions. The class of 2022 achieved 103 A’s, with our Dux Zoë Burman achieving a remarkable 9 A’s. Zoë obtained 100% for Mathematics and was placed in the top 1% in the country for Maths, English Home Language, Life Sciences and Physical Sciences. She was also placed on the IEB’s “Outstanding Achievers” list which recognises those students who came in the top 5% in six or more of their subjects plus a distinction in Life Orientation. Rachel Thompson (English Home Language), Jack Tasker (Mathematics), Christian Krüger and Heidi Katzke (Maths Literacy) were also placed in the top 1% in various subjects. Lulu Cooper and Rachel Thompson earned six distinctions each while Heidi Katzke, Koni Fobbe, Jemma Henning, Jack Tasker, Micaela Wight and Anika Willemse all achieved five distinctions. Our Head Boy, Christian Krüger, and Head Girl, Tanatswa Murasiranwa, along with Asma Modan, Emmana Mohlaba and Cara Prinsloo earned four distinctions across their chosen subjects. I congratulate all of our matrics for the marks they received.

As a community, we are extremely proud of this group of young Stanfordians. I look forward to monitoring their progress as they close this chapter of their lives and open the next exciting one.

- Mr A Redfern

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