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Grade 9 Trek Reflections

During their solo experience, the Grade 9 students completed a reflection exercise. One question they were asked was, “What do you understand as the Stanford Way?”

Here are just a few of their answers…

“I understand this as following the acts of the seven trees and respecting them. To do what we as Stanfordians know as right.”

“I think it means you are brave, tenacious, strong, willing and courageous.”

“The Stanford way is a family. Stanford is a very small school and we have to put in our all to make a difference – We are all there to support each other.”

“To always finish what you started and to always be accountable.”

“To do the right thing, even when no one is watching.”

“A person of integrity and compassion.”

“Get out of your comfort zone.”

“It knows no boundaries.”
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