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Get To Know The Class of 2021: Mada Buliani

Head Boy 2021

What are your hopes for Stanford Lake College as you lead the school in the year ahead?

My hopes are that Stanford Lake College can become more educated in terms of social issues that are affecting us as the youth of South Africa. It’s important that each and every one of our students gets some sort of knowledge this year on how to tackle social issues to make a better South Africa. The world has become such a fast-changing place and young pupils will need to be grounded in their person, with enduring values firmly established, so that they are in a position to embrace and conquer the future. I’m hoping that, as Matrics, we will endeavour to know each and every student - to challenge them both as an individual and as a team member. To stretch them in their formulation of opinions and world view. To always give their best consistently, as one of our values is to stretch yourself beyond the ordinary. Spirit is definitely one of the key aspects that make the school bond more and I hope that we as Matrics can build on the spirit that the Matrics of 2020 initiated. This certainly made sports a lot more enjoyable. I’d like the Matrics to give it their all this year - mainly academically - as I feel this is the way to truly thank the teachers for their five years of hard work. Through hard work and discipline, I do believe we can achieve exceptional results. Prosperity in unity is what I’m hoping to instil in the school by the end of the year and for students to have learnt or developed a new skill that they will utilise for the rest of their lives.

What is your proudest accomplishment?

Being given the opportunity to lead such a great school.

Share a memorable moment during your time at Stanford Lake College…

Definitely my solo Trek experience. Mr Haarhoff had allocated me in a cavelike area for the 24hr journey and I forgot my sleeping bag. I remember during the midst of the night it started raining heavily, the wind was blowing really hard, everything became wet including myself. I started shivering throughout the night, I could hardly move. I had no food. My torch broke. Eventually, the morning came and I was alright. But that experience really taught me to be grateful for what I have, big or small. I couldn’t imagine the people that live like that on a daily basis, longing for shelter and not knowing where their next meal is coming from. From that day on, my image of life truly changed.

What are your hobbies?

I love playing and watching football, running, reading during my free time and watching educational documentaries on Netflix.

If you could share a meal with any 4 individuals, living or dead, who would they be?

Vusi Thembekwayo, Nelson Mandela, My Dad, Cristiano Ronaldo

What’s your favourite movie?

The Long Walk to Freedom

What’s the most daring thing you’ve ever done?

To speak up. It sounds weird, but, growing up I was a soft and shy boy who always kept his opinion to himself. Today’s society has taught me to speak up for myself. Today I can speak up without being afraid of other people’s opinions.

If you had to describe yourself as an animal, which one would it be?

A lion.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

I see myself completing my degree and furthering my studies. I see myself as a grounded young Christian man who is willing to acquire new knowledge at all times. I see myself furthering my campaign of educating mostly young boys on the social issues we face today. I see myself taking good care of my family.

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