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Congratulations to the Class of 2020

After what has felt like an eternity we finally have the Matric results for the class of 2020. A year like no-one has ever experienced, a year of social, emotional and academic disruption along with hardship and uncertainty. A year in which our pupils spent lengthy periods of time away from school, learning in a forum in which they had never learnt before. These results are a testament to all that is good about our school. The professionalism of our staff, their ability to adapt and develop new teaching methods and their absolute desire to ensure that, regardless of the circumstances, our matric pupils would be given everything they required to achieve to the best of their abilities. These results are, more importantly, a testament to the agility, hard work and resilience of the class of 2020 and their refusal to allow the pandemic to adversely affect them. I salute them all.

Once again we have maintained our 100% pass rate, with 87% of our pupils securing Bachelor Degree passes enabling them to pursue further study at tertiary institutions. The class of 2020 excelled in obtaining an average of 2.05 distinctions per candidate. Our Dux, Danica Altenroxel, achieved a remarkable 8 distinctions (Accounting, Afrikaans First Additional Language, English Home Language, Information Technology, Life Orientation, Mathematics, AP Mathematics and Physical Science) with her lowest mark being 93%, her top mark was an incredible 100% for Mathematics. She was placed in the top 1% of all candidates who wrote the IEB final examination in 7 of her 8 subjects. Lia Revelas also achieved a full house of 8 distinctions. Lia was placed in the top 1% of all candidates in Afrikaans First Additional Language. Husnaa Dada and Faaria Rhemtula earned 7 distinctions each with Faaria being placed in the top 1% of candidates for Accounting, Mathematics and Afrikaans First Additional Language. Danica & Faaria were placed in the top 5% in 6 or more subjects in addition to a distinction in LO.

As I am sure you will agree, these marks make excellent reading. I congratulate all students involved and would once again like to pay tribute to the Stanford Lake College Staff who, through hard work and dedication, equipped our pupils with the academic skills to realise their full potential.

We are extremely proud of the Stanford class of 2020.

- Mr Alan Redfern

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