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Academic Stars Honoured

A prize-giving assembly was held on Thursday, 20th February, and the following top achievers received academic awards based on their 2019 promotion marks:

Grade 8 Brains Bar.

From left to right: Claire Klinkert, Skylar Stevens, Luke Fairhead, Rachel Rix and Serena Rix.

Grade 9 Brains Bar

From left to right: Cara Prinsloo, Jacinta Kubayi, Lulu Cooper, Emmana Mohlaba, Rachel Thompson, Azania Mangena and Zoë Burman. Absent from photo: Llewellyn Rogers and Tanatswa Murasiranwa

Grade 10 Academic Half Colours

From left to right: Callan Schultz, Priyanka Gohil, Danish Saleem, Mudathir Cassim (reaward) and Reuben Middleton. Absent from photo: Anke Spies (reaward)

Grade 10 Academic Full Colours

From left to right: Hloni Mangena (reaward) and Nikita Stoltz (reaward). Absent from photo: Megan Joynt (reaward)

Grade 11 Academic Half Colours

From left to right: Owen Venter, Dimpho Mohuba, Malaika Mohlaba (reaward), Khina Dressels (reaward) and Akila Ramdharie. Absent from photo: Marthinus Maritz (reaward)

Grade 11 Academic Full Colours

From left to right: Muaaz Bhyat and Tayla Coad

Grade 11 Academic Honours

From left to right: Danica Altenroxel (reaward), Faaria Rhemtula (reaward), Lia Revelas (reaward) and Husnaa Dada (reaward)

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