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25 years in the making - Badgers for Life

The Matric Class of 2016 introduced the ‘Badger’ or honey badger as our mascot. They wrote, “This courageous animal has been known to attack and stand its ground against animals much bigger than itself. The badger is an incredibly strong animal known to beat the odds with a bold heart. Just like this daring mammal, when faced with a challenge, no matter the magnitude, we as SLC Badgers never fail to rise to the occasion despite our size. Even when threatened, we do not stand down, but attempt to tackle everything we do courageously and with enthusiasm often coming out victorious - or victorious in our own way.

“Each and every Stanfordian should exemplify the qualities of a badger. The trees are the home of the badger. When people see us as SLC Badgers, they’ll see the seven trees behind us. They’ll recognise our values. Ultimately, that’s where we come from. Every time we take to the field / court / track, we’ll have the values riding on our backs and the courage and intensity of the of the badger in our hearts.”

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