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Oh! What a night!

There is something wonderful about seeing a stage full of dancing children. Despite the very brief rehearsal time and against all odds (load shedding, sports schedules, late buses, cold nights and sickness), the Stanford Stars Variety Show came together on the 5th and 6th May. The Inter-House Music section saw every pupil on stage and the standard was high. The show itself had over 100 pupils in it, with acts ranging from various styles of dance to skits, marimbas and djembe and piano items, gymnastics, a host of solos and duets and 49 matrics modelling outfits. To build a performance culture in a school takes years – and one pandemic to collapse it. We started again from ground level and found talent, grit, confidence and willingness in abundance. There were items that could have held their own on any stage in any school and will live long in the memories of those who saw the show. Well done to every participant and thank you to all who braved the cold to support our stars.

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