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Collected blankets – Where did they go?

By Tsebo Makuwa and Rachel Lucas

The 1st August 2019 was a day that the Service Committee and Interact members will never forget.Throughout the course of the second term the service committee encouraged the school to bring any type of blankets for those in need.

The Service Committee were ecstatic when they realized there were enough blankets to donate to an entire pre-school, including the teachers. I don’t think that Stanford students understand that in bringing one blanket, they make a difference in a child’s life.

As we left Stanford to leave for this crèche, Bokomoso, there was a sense of excitement among the Service and Interact members… then “We arrived”.

It was as though these children didn’t even know what to do with the blankets, some even tried to give the blankets back to us. We played games and learned about some of the children’s day to day lives. It was different this time compared to other Interact Projects, as there was something personal about it, and all of us had a reality check. We saw how privileged we Stanford students are, and that we can help others, even through bringing a simple blanket and engaging for a visit. This was a time for us students to grow, and becoming the future leaders in South Africa. We should stand together as ONE community and help those in need in our country.

Thank you to all SLC students (and parents) who generously gave to the blanket drive! We would like to encourage all Stanfordians to always give back to the community they find themselves in.

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